Adding an Email Forwarder

Email forwarders look like real email accounts.  The difference is that there is no email box to check.  The email is directed to a different account. This is sometimes called an email alias.

Email forwarders can point to a single address or multiple addresses. (e.g. can go to and by adding the forwarder multiple times)

Here is how an email forwarder is set up.

Log into your cpanel account (visit

Click on the Forwarders icon in the Email section


Click Add Forwarder

Type the name of the forwarding email account (the left part of the email address)

(Optional: Select the correct domain if you have several setup on your account)

Enter the full destination email address in the Forward to Email Address box (the person receiving the email)

Click the Add Forwarder button to save the settings

If the email address should be forwarded to multiple people, repeat the process using the other destination email addresses in the Forward to Email Address box.