How to find your WordPress Database Name with cPanel

There may be times when you need to figure out which database your WordPress website is using.

This can be done by looking in the wp-config.php file at the base of your WordPress file directory. While sometimes you may have FTP setup to look at the files, this article uses the cPanel File Manager to get the information.

  1. Sign into cPanel. (found at
  2. Click File Manager in the Files section
  3. Navigate (e.g. double-click) to the folder containing your WordPress site. If you only have one WordPress installation as your main website, this will be the public_html folder.
  4. Right-click on wp-config.php and select View
  5. Several lines down will be a line for DB_NAME that looks like this:

The second quoted word, in this case username_wrdp453, is your MySQL database name.

You may safely close the file manager browser tabs after getting the database name.