Why backup your data?

Backing up your website is important for every website owner.  A backup is simply a copy of the website. This snapshot of the website is then copied to a different computer for safe keeping.  Then if anything happens to your website like deleting a page by accident, you can restore the backup.

Many content management systems have backup plugins to automate the work for you.  BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus are two popular backup plugins for WordPress.  Other CMS systems like Joomla also have backup add-ons.  Using a backup tool designed for your website platform is the best way to ensure that the files and your database are saved properly.

Since websites typically change with time as new pages are added, taking a regular backup is important so that you have a recent copy of the site.  Backup plugins typically have a way to automate backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, and other dedicated online storage providers.

DivyWeb keeps backups of the servers for disaster recovery purposes. If for some reason your backup copy has failed, our support team can check our saved copies.  It is best to contact us right away if you need something restored because our systems automatically delete old copies after several days so that we don’t run out of storage space.