Domain Names

Selecting a good domain name is a critical part of your online image.  A good domain name helps your audience identify with your website and email.  Finding a name with a good hook can set a great first impression.

It used to be the case that you wanted to keep your domain name as short as possible.  Now that most people find your website through a search engine, the length of the name is less of a concern.

The litmus test we use when advising customers is if the domain name can pass the dictation test.  Imagine yourself on the phone with a customer.  Can you tell them your domain without confusion?  If yes, then we believe you have a good name.  If there is a common typo associated with your name, we recommend purchasing the typo domain name as well and redirecting people who go to the typo domain to your real website.  This way you capture the user even if they transpose an “ie” or mistype a hyphen.

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