There are several email options available to you with DivyWeb.

All of the options below deal with branded email solutions.  Branded email is when your domain name is used in the email address.  If your domain name is, your branded email address could be  This gives a more professional appearance than using a free email address such as

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is the simplest option for light email usage. You create a branded email address that is automatically forwarded to your regular account.  This works well for both service addresses ( is forwarded to or setting up a branded alias ( is forwarded to

The downside to email forwarding is that when you reply, you must select the “From” address to use. Some mail programs allow multiple From addresses and some don’t.


POP, IMAP, and SMTP are how traditional desktop & mobile mail programs access your branded email. You create email accounts within your hosting account and use those settings for your email program.  Email is received and stored by our servers until you read, save or delete it. The messages and attachments count towards your overall account disk space usage.

Our servers are configured to use Real-Time Blacklists (RBLs) to block the worst spam offenders. The default settings are designed to let a large amount of content be delivered due to the wide variety of customers we have. You may set more restrictive policies through self-managed server side filtering and the SpamAssassin program.

Due to industry wide spam problems, some residential Internet Service Providers like Cox and Comcast force you to use their outgoing email servers.  This can create complicated email program setups for roaming users because you need setup multiple accounts to use their servers when home and our servers when on the road.  The way around the outgoing problem is to use webmail.

DivyWeb Webmail

The DivyWeb webmail works just like the POP/IMAP accounts except you don’t need a desktop mail program because your email is read with your web browser.  Some people like to use a hybrid approach of Webmail for the desktop/laptop and IMAP/SMTP for their phone.

Auto Responders

Some organizations like to send a canned customer service message when an email is received in a general mailbox (such as  Auto responders can also be used to setup vacation messages when you leave town between certain dates.

Google Apps for Business (Branded Gmail)

Gmail has many benefits that web hosting email can’t provide.  Google has premium spam protection and their user interface is already familiar to a large portion of the population.  Google Apps for Business is essentially gmail with your branded email addresses (

Google Apps for Business gives you the entire suite of Google Apps for your organization including gmail, calendaring, and drive (docs, sheets, present, etc).  This is a premium service paid per user directly to google.