How to create an RSA private key for SSH logins

Advanced users may want to use a SSH terminal to manage their account files. This is a great option for granting developers access to your account without sharing the account password because each RSA public/private key pair has its own password. Additionally, through cpanel, you can enable/disable keys to manage access by your 3rd party developers…. READ MORE

WPBakery Visual Composer 4.9 and WordPress 4.5 Incompatible

It has come to the attention of our Support Department that updating a WordPress website to the 4.5 series will break themes using older versions of WPBakery’s Visual Composer. Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin that provides a page builder for editing pages and posts. It does fancy things with layout that the standard WordPress… READ MORE

How to find your WordPress Database Name with cPanel

There may be times when you need to figure out which database your WordPress website is using. This can be done by looking in the wp-config.php file at the base of your WordPress file directory. While sometimes you may have FTP setup to look at the files, this article uses the cPanel File Manager to… READ MORE

Adding an Email Forwarder

Email forwarders look like real email accounts.  The difference is that there is no email box to check.  The email is directed to a different account. This is sometimes called an email alias. Email forwarders can point to a single address or multiple addresses. (e.g. can go to and by adding the… READ MORE

Getting Started with Google Apps for Business Account

After DivyWeb staff performs a Google Apps for Business setup, there are two steps you need to do. Setup Billing with Google Add additional accounts (if needed) Logging in to your Google Apps Account First, if you already have a gmail account, please logout of it. Go to Click the round circle icon in… READ MORE